Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Links for Game

Quick post while I'm writing another, apparently I'm good about a blog if I actually have a subject to focus on... :-P A friend of mine, actually the one that introduced me to Numenera, sent me a couple of reference links.

The first is a write up of each of the kingdoms in the Steadfast. It's a good basic write-up, about a paragraph for each one. Doesn't give a lot of information on each of the kingdoms but it is a good basic overview.
Kingdoms of the Steadfast

The next is a rules overview, like the write up of the kingdoms it doesn't go very in depth though I do feel like it's the stronger of the two articles. Honestly I think you could run the game just with this, you wouldn't be able to make any characters but all the rules for actual game play seem to be here.
Numenera Rules Overview

There we go, next update will probably be soon. Just more setting building.