Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boss Fight

[Quick write-up so it's here, I might expand on it later.]

We had the second game a few days ago. We began with them breaking camp and returning to the road after a brief discussion on if they should do that or circumvent it and cut through the woods to the Pit. They decided that they'd already slaughtered a dozen or so margr (one with a hunting horn) so they figured if they hadn't been attacked in their sleep they'd be fine for now. As they entered the woods Wemm and Mag spotted a couple of scouts. When they did Mag started shouting at them and they ran much to the chagrin of the others. When they knew they'd been spotted they ran off, presumably to warn the rest.

The group was then ambushed at the edge of the woods by a group of four margr, two regular hunters and a pair of mutants. They dealt with theses quickly, though one of the mutants had 4 mental armor so when Xavier hit it with a mental Onslaught it just shrugged it off and stabbed Wemm which made them pause for a minute. The noise of combat also drew the attention of the chieftain and his remaining lieutenant (both mutants as well) and the five remaining warriors at their encampment. As they were discussing what to do next a volley of 8 inch long, barbed quills flew by Vash's head. Which a yelp from him and a bellow from the chieftain combat ensued. Charging at the group were the margr chief (a brute standing head and shoulders above the rest of it's kin, so about 9' tall, covered in heavy armor and bristling with the above mentioned quills), his lieutenant (who was covered in armadillo plates instead of fur), and the five normal warriors. In a turn of events I hadn't forseen Mag threw a cypher which randomly rearranged the molecules of whatever it caught within it's blast radius. The chief and lieutenant were too fast but the five normals were alternately liquefied, vitrified, turned inside out, turned into a pile of maggots and I think there was just physically shredded as well; all randomly and not all at once. After this, decidedly not pretty, turn of events the two mutants attacked. Wemm was forced to pick up a staff (actually a spear he broke the head off of), his first weapon of the game even! It was a little desperate for a minute but they managed to kill those as well.

In the aftermath of the fight Vash, with the help of Mag and Xavier, dissected the chieftain to find a cypher had grown inside it's brain. Presumably a side effect of whatever had caused it to mutate the cypher could be taken as a pill to increase intelligence.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Margr Pit Tribe

Game's tomorrow night and I figured I should get some more game planning out of the way. I decided earlier in the week that the margr tribe that the group has been hunting down has been mutated by an artifact they discovered at some previous point. The tribe's leader and his three lieutenants have gotten mutations from the tables in the core book from this.

The tribe has set up their camp a respectful distance from the Pit's western entrance/path. In the camp are a grouping of tents, enough for about 40 margr, and some slave pens holding 18 people. Most of them are a traveling merchant caravan one of the tribe's raiding parties ambushed a week back, killing all 10 of the guards in the attack. Since then another 5 of their number have been butchered for meals along with all of the group's aneen. Five of the living captives are a group of prospectors that the tribe captured coming out of the Pit. They're kept in a slightly better pen (there's a roof for example) and are given a slightly higher quality of gruel. This is because they've managed to pass themselves off as priests from the Pit and showed the margr chieftain how to operate the artifact/show reverence to the god of the Pit. The merchants offer the PCs 250 shins (but will go up to 500, all they have assuming the group raids the chieftain's tent) for an escort back to town. The prospectors will give the group half their haul of cyphers (up to 3/4) for the same thing.

If the group goes back they'll be created by the headman, the clave's high priest and an Angucan knight. All are greatful to see the group return to town and the knight offers to take news of their actions back to the baron and the deacon.