Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Death and Rebirth

So, after two months and not nearly as many games as you'd think we've switched systems and worlds away from Numenera. Happened mostly because we didn't play for more than a month and during that time I started doing a ridiculous amount of overtime at work which killed my momentum and inspiration for the game. Honestly it was hard for my to build up inspiration for the setting as well. I felt like I was constantly struggling to make things weird enough for the Ninth World setting and yet keep it familiar enough for play to still happen. The other wall I ran into conceptually was the fact that it was an explicit rule set out in the core book and in a couple of the head designer's blogs was the fact that you weren't supposed to connect it to the modern world at all. I know it's my game and I can just change what I want to but having it said explicitly made me struggle with it. Silly I know but there you go. Anyway, on to the new game.

Now, as of about two weeks ago, I'm running a sandbox Warhammer Fantasy game. The catch is that we're using Runequest 6 for the game. So far we've had two games, one was character creation and the second was finishing up characters and starting the first adventure. I'm starting them off with the adventure in the core WFRP 2e book because of the group two of my players are pretty much completely unfamiliar with it and the other two are only passingly familiar with it. Both of them are fairly conversant in 40k though so I'm hoping it'll translate over to some degree.

Everyone's characters are complete as it stands, though one of my players went out of town for a couple games so I need to finalize things with him. The characters are currently:

Orzad, a dwarven machinist and engineer obsessed with clockwork and automata. He was "suggested" to join the army to help deal with the Chaos incursion that became known as the Storm of Chaos as a battle engineer. Is a good shot with his rifle and is near constantly fiddling with it and other bits of machinery. Technically a member of the dwarven gentry he's lost much of his influence since his departure. Still one of the richest and best equipped members of the party.

Hannah, a high born priestess of Shallya. Doesn't quite get the whole adventuring thing and is still carrying some baggage from her birth in terms of how she expects people to act and react to her. A passable combatant and the second best off member of the party what she really offers is the social graces and the miracles of Shallya she can call upon. Is currently on a pilgrimage to learn humility and got caught up helping refugees from the Storm.

Torendil, an elven commoner and apprentice magus. Is currently a student of Aqushy, or the Bright Wind of magic, the use of which is used to burn things mostly in a variety of fun and interesting ways. Has little to nothing in the way interpersonal skills and is about as arrogant as it's possible for an elf to get. In fact even other asur have taken offense to his attitude and it was his teacher who sent him on a mission to "prove his mastery of magic" in the human dominated Empire which he took up with great relish to show the humans a thing or two. Hopefully his magic is enough to keep him alive because his skill at arms is very poor.

The last character still needs to be fleshed out some, he doesn't even have a name currently. All I really know is that he's a former slave who killed his master and is now travelling to seek his honorable death as a dwarven slayer.

And now I have to head off to work, I'll pick this back up later (maybe tonight but probably tomorrow). At the point I'll go into how I've been having them make their characters and go a little into what subsystems we're using from Runequest and what I'm porting over from Warhammer.