Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Back?

I know it's been awhile and to be honest part of why is the inertia of just not posting. I'm not sure if other people have this problem but the longer I go without a post on a blog, the harder it is for me to start back up again. I need to try to post at least once a week though I'd like to get it up to twice or three times.

Anyway, I'm writing this because I've started a new game. Well technically since the Numenera game I think this'll make the second or third. What's exciting about this is that I'm not running. Which in and of itself is something amazing. I've been running for this group (and I define the group kinda loosly) off and on since high school without anyone else running anything. I've played a couple times during this period (I was involved in a multi-year Vampire: the Masquerade elders game over Skype for example) but only with other groups. So this is very nice. [fake edit- I just went back and looked at my previous posts, turns out I ran a Warhammer Fantasy game using RuneQuest 6...honestly I completely forgot about it. I guess it was successful. :-P]