Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Quick Visit

So I'm back after too many months for me to like thinking about. While this post won't be terribly long I'll try to give a quick update on the various goings on since my last post as far as it relates to my gaming. Basically everything can be boiled down to "not enough". My group hasn't been meeting regularly basically since my last post, we haven't even actually managed to have a game since September and I can't remember the last time we managed to get two games run on two consecutive weeks. The rapidly approaching holidays aren't promoting any hope in me that we'll manage to get together more than twice more this year either. Which isn't the end of the world but it does make me somewhat desperate to game. Unfortunately because I work 2nd shift it's hard to even join an online game since the majority of people are free evenings when I'm working.

Anyway, other updates: I've done a bit of work on all but the Traveller game out of the projects I listed in my last post. The World of Darkness game and the GURPS hexcrawl are getting the most attention though because in theory I'm going to be running them sometime in the near future. Currently I'm working on an outline for a GURPS "game book" for the hexcrawl, putting together a list of templates, allowed advantages and disadvantages, skills, and equipment for the world is proving to be interesting. In theory it'll help me get a better handle on the system and it will make building characters easier for my group since none of them have played GURPS before.

Hopefully I'll get together some more content heavy posts soon rather than these one off "Here's a quick update of my gaming life" things that I've been doing. Maybe I should start up one of those gaming blog writing challenge things to get me in the swing of writing...