Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Game Prep

Short post while I take a break from formatting. I finally settled on running my first GURPS game in the Forgotten Realms pre-Time of Troubles. I'm not sure that I'll include the ToT in my game because even though the setting I'm most familiar with is the 3rd edition version and thus post-ToT I like the more sword and sorcery vibe I'm getting from reading the old 1st edition Realms lore.

As for the actual game it got a fair start two weeks ago. We all met up and three of the four players started making characters, my wife held off because she'd just gotten done with an 8 hour work day on what was supposed to be a day off so she was fairly burnt out. She did come up with a concept though and since then we've worked out some of the traits she'll have. Everyone else is mostly done, they just need to buy equipment which depends on me getting it ready for presentation.

Oh right, the presentation. Did I explain this before? I'm going through and copy-pasting all the relevant rules into various documents to then be reformatted and printed off for my players. I've been assured by people on the forums that this isn't illegal as long as I don't disseminate the final document in any way beyond letting my players use it for game. Which I'm not and I honestly hadn't even thought to do. Though when I get it into a final format I may get a hard bound copy from Lulu or something since SJ Games seems to be alright with getting copies of the books done up that way for personal use as well. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Did I mention I'm compiling, editing and formatting information from almost a dozen GURPS books into one set of documents for my players? It's a project that's already taken more than a month of mornings before work and periodically a hour or two afterwards before I crash. I'm through most of the stuff needed to make characters, though I'm only just finishing the F's for the skill descriptions and I haven't even gotten to equipment or magic yet. I think I'm just going to print a copy of the GURPS magic book for my players to use and copy things out of, it'll be quicker and easier than my reformatting everything and since I can already remove entire chapters (Technology college of magic anyone?) it shouldn't be too bad to print. Equipment's going to be killer though.

Alrighty, back to it and I promise I'll have actual content again soon since we should actually be playing game in a week or two.