Wednesday, January 4, 2017

D&D Thirty Day Challenge! Day Three

Day Three of this thirty day challenge and the topic of discussion is:

Day 3: Favorite PC Class
Like I said yesterday my favorite class ties into my favorite race for the most part, though with a night to think on it I'm a little less sure on what it actually is to be honest. My initial reaction was to say my favorite class is any kind of fighter-mage that's available. One of my first characters ever properly made from an actual rule book and not the half made up rememberings of my friend and first DM was an elven fighter-mage. Something about the image of being an accomplished warrior and a powerful wizard fired my imagination. I don't remember what level I ended up getting to with him, though it honestly couldn't have been that high. I do remember when I managed to learn lightning bolt though, that was a lot of fun. This love of the fighter-mage character concept is one of the things that spured me into looking into GURPS actually. The free form point buy system and the way the core Skill magic system works let me build a fighter-mage that was still a badass instead of mostly just being a half-assed fighter and a shitty caster.

Here's where my indecision comes in though. Because as much fun as I had playing elven fighter-mages in 2nd edition, duskblades in 3rd, and bards with one of the more martial archetypes in Pathfinder (I only ever played 4th for one short set of games and I was an eladrin wizard, and I haven't been able to play 5th yet) most of what I ended up playing were clerics of one stripe or another. Between the ability to wear heavy armor freely and their available weapons (especially if you played a cleric to a war god) they often made better fighter-mages than the classes built specifically around doing that.