Wednesday, January 4, 2017

D&D Thirty Day Challenge! Days 1 & 2

Decided to do a writing challenge to try and get myself in the swing of actually posting regularly. To that end I tracked down something I've seen around the internet "The D&D Thirty-Day Challenge (Revised)!" Since there's only 30 prompts and 31 days in January I was holding off to start this the second but I missed it yesterday so I'll start it today instead. So, without further ado here are the first two days of this writing challenge.

Day 1: How You Got Started
I got my start in a slightly convoluted way compared to some other people that I know. I started off reading TSR "Endless Quest" books (It was the first one, Dungeon of Dread actually.) and reading a motley assortment assortment of 1st and 2nd edition books from the library, none of which I could tell the difference of since I had no frame of reference for anything other than the game these books described sounded amazing.
Then queue up fourth grade when a new kid in my school saw me reading one of these coveted library books and mentioned to me that he and some of his friends from where he'd moved from had played D&D a lot and did I play? A couple of bus rides later we figured out that we actually lived in the same trailer park and we were playing cobbled together games without dice or sheets or anything. It was entertaining and were soon making our character sheets and stealing dice from board games to play with while we made weird systems to approximate all the other types of dice from small piles of d6.

Day 2: Favorite PC Race
I had to think about this one for awhile but I think I finally settled on elf for my favorite race. The whole magic and fighting thing just appeals to me on a basic level and this choice ties into my choice of Favorite Class for tomorrow. The lengths that Tolkien went to when developing the ur-example of fantasy elvish languages really gets my inner geeky tinkerer as well.

So that's days 1 and 2 done. Tomorrow I'll post number 3 and hopefully this'll be something I can keep up for the rest of the month.